Baby meerkats move in at Bridlington Birds of Prey and Animal Park

Probably the cutest animals in the East Riding have finally found a new home after moving into a specially built enclosure at Bridlington Birds of Prey and Animal Park.

Six baby meerkats have settled down to a simples life in the new purpose built facility and the public are now invited to observe the animals.

The babies have been raised by hand after they were rejected by their mother and had been visiting the birds of prey centre over recent weeks to get used to their keepers.

Claire Steele from the Bridlington Birds of Prey and Animal Park said: “We moved them in two weeks ago because we wanted them to get settled before we invited the public in.

“Visitors will be able to observe them and we are also offering special ‘Experiences’ where you will be able to get up close with them accompanied by a keeper.

“They are very comfortable with people, they’re a bit different because they have been raised by hand.

“MKM have donated all the blockwork to build the outdoor enclosure and we’d like to thank them. The outdoor enclosure will not be finished for a few months but the inside enclosure is and they have to stay warm for the time being because they are so young.”

A group of five adult meerkats have been at the centre for two seasons already and have proved a popular draw for visitors