Baby born after car crash is home safe

Home safe: Baby Kai is held by his mum Jade (right) and his aunt Aimee Newsome - who was also in the car crash - and his cousin Mason. (PA1321-2b)
Home safe: Baby Kai is held by his mum Jade (right) and his aunt Aimee Newsome - who was also in the car crash - and his cousin Mason. (PA1321-2b)

A Bridlington baby born three months early after his mum was involved in a car crash is finally at home.

Little Kai should not have been putting in an appearance until early this month. But on February 13 this year the car that his mum, 19-year-old Jade Newsome, her partner Martin Ireland, and her sister Aimee Newsome were travelling in was hit by another vehicle.

Luckily an ambulance was passing by only a few minutes after the impact. Aimee, 22, who remembers the crash happening, said: “We didn’t even have a chance to phone, the paramedics were on their way home and almost saw it all happen.

“It was horrible, the worst thing ever. I thought at first that I’d been impaled on something, but it was because my rib had punctured my lung. I tried to get hold of Jade to help get her out. Because she was pregnant it was even more frightening.”

Jade, however, had been knocked unconscious by the impact, and the first thing she remembers is being cut out of the car. She said: “I remember Aimee trying to grab me, and the firemen cutting me out. I was scared because I was six months pregnant and I didn’t know what was happening to the baby.”

They were taken to Scarborough Hospital, but the next day Jade went outside the hospital and collapsed. She lost four pints of blood and was given an emergency Caesarian section after the doctors realised there was a problem with the placenta.

Jade said: “I had a general anaesthetic and when I came round no-one told me how the baby was. I only managed to see him for two minutes and I couldn’t hold him, then they rushed him off to a special baby intensive care unit in Hull.

“They didn’t tell me anything about how he was, and I was in Scarborough another two days before I was transfered to Hull, too. I’d lost lots of blood and was on medication and drips.”

Being in the same hospital Jade could visit her son, but he was very poorly and it was touch and go at first. At six weeks he was moved back to Scarborough Hospital, but whilst there he got an infection and had to be moved back to Hull.

He spent two more weeks there before returning to Scarborough Hospital.

Now Kai is home, and the family are all happy to have him back in Bridlington with them after such a difficult start in life. Jade, of Windsor Crescent, said: “He’s lovely - a little miracle.

“A nurse comes to see him every week, and he goes to physio and to hospital, and he’s got brittle bones because he was born early. But it’s really good to have him here.”

Aimee’s son Mason - who luckily wasn’t in the car at the time of the accident - is now seven months old. His mum Aimee said: “It’s nice, he’s only four months older than Kai, they’ll be in the same class.”

Three months on from the terrible crash, the sisters are relieved that everyone survived, and are grateful for the help that they were given. Jade said: “I’d like to thank everyone, especially the fire and ambulance crews, for all their help, and to everyone for things that they’ve done - including donating tiny clothes for Kai.

“It’s brilliant, and it’s been worth it all to have him home.”