Avon lady jailed for heroin offences

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A FEMALE drug dealer who worked as an Avon lady has been jailed for five years as her female partner yelled at police: “You have not heard the last of this”.

Repeat offender Lyndsey Day, 25, was caught red-handed with £1,350 worth of heroin in her Bridlington flat after being chauffeured back from Wakefield with a bulk supply of class A illegal drugs.

It was enough for 273 £10 street deals and would have made her an £850 profit.

But what her drug friends didn’t know was that she was working as an Avon lady.

As well as having a stock of heroin for sale she was selling Avon’s range of beauty make-up, skincare products and fragrances from home.

Despite a string of convictions she was accepted by the prestigious firm to become an agent and had undergone training. She had sold £174 worth of products by distributing books door-to-door.

Day said she had collected £174 from “clients” and meant to go to the post office to drop off a payment to Avon of £136.62 (taking off her commission) but it was seized by the police as proceeds of her drug dealing.

Hull Crown Court heard last Thursday, December 15, detectives raided her Trinity Road flat to find electronic scales, plastic bags and tin foil on the coffee table. At the time she was three months behind with the rent.

A bathroom strip search of Lyndsey Day and her partner Tracie Day revealed them both storing heroin in their knickers. Tracie Day, 34, had 4.7grams. Lyndsey Day had 27.3grams.

The women denied a man also found at the flat was a junkie buying heroin.

Lyndsey Day collapsed after protesting at the search which revealed £200 in cash in her pocket. She had to be taken to hospital with a suspected epileptic fit.

The police seized six mobile phones, but they did not contain dealer messages or contact lists.

At the time she was serving an 18-month supervision order for supplying £700-£1000 worth of drugs for her dealer.

Both have a joint total of more than 150 convictions. Lyndsey Day has a record of 47 offences including dealing in heroin and diazepam in Bridlington.

She appeared at court for a Newton hearing after admitting possession of heroin with intent to supply on July 8. She claimed it was to meet the civil partnership’s £10-£25 a day heroin habit.

The court heard the pair had been drug addicts since they were 15 and 17 and smoked heroin from foil.

Their neighbours were a heroin addict and a fisherman.

They live on benefits - raking in £490 a month in housing benefit plus a joint £214 a fortnight in jobseekers allowance.

It was topped up with disability benefit and earnings from Avon.

Lyndsey also claimed her parents were generous with £50 to £200 “any time I asked”. She even had a car.

Her flat was equipped with counter surveillance CCTV.

Crown barrister Stephen Robinson dismissed as “nonsense” claims she bought it for £5 from eBay. He said it was to help with her dealing.

Lyndsey Day, now of Quay Road, admitted in evidence “It’s time I grew up” as she revealed she had spent three months of housing benefit on drugs and had fallen out with the landlord.

She claimed she had been snubbed by the Bridlington heroin underworld for being a grass.

She said dealers would not supply as she had informed the police when two men attacked her in a burglary in March and she used force to injure one

Day claimed her car had been blown up by a man she named and she was stalked by another man who had copied her flat keys and stolen her mail.

Her defence barrister Daniel Smith urged the judge to defer sentence for a probation report.

Judge James Sampson told Day: “It is obvious there was a potential profit to double the value of the drugs you bought in bulk.

“For two heroin addicts to posses this amount of drugs, means in my judgement, it is beyond temptation for them not to sell it and fund their lifestyle.”

“I have heard from Lyndsey Day and regard her account as unbelievable.”

He said the fact that Tracie Day was only charged with possession was a “generous” decision.

Lyndsey Day wept openly and scowled at the judge as he jailed her for five years. As Tracie Day walked from the court, she yelled at police. “You have not heard the last of this. I am going to turn that town upside down.”