Author serves up a real treat

Author Paul Elliott.
Author Paul Elliott.

An author from the Bridlington area is launching a book which explores food and farming in Prehistoric Britain.

The new publication, which is released next month, is a cookery book with a real difference and features ancient recipes such as spit-roast pig and hanging cream cheese from rafters.

Paul Elliott’s book, Food and Farming in Prehistoric Britain, brings lost cooking techniques of Stone Age and Iron Age Britain back to life.

Mr Elliott has a degree in Ancient History and Archaeology and has written books on military history, cults and secret societies.

For the past decade,he has been active in historical reconstruction and taught Roman drill and cookery to primary school children.

His previous books for Fonthill Media were Legions in Crisis and A Roman Soldier on Hadrian’s Wall. He has also written several articles for Ancient Warfare magazine.

The book reveals reconstructions of cookery techniques with illustrations and recipes from the Mesolithic period through to the Iron Age, while also describing everyday life in a prehistoric roundhouse.

A spokesperson for Fonthill Media, which publishes the book, said: “There were no ovens and many vegetables and breeds of animal familiar to us today had not yet arrived.

“In reconstructing some of these techniques and recipes, Paul has discovered a new world with a completely different approach to food.

“This is native cuisine, cooked in a manner that persisted through the Neolithic, Bronze and Iron Ages.

“The final half of the book examines the varied techniques used from covering fish in clay to baking meat underground, spit-roasting, brewing mead, boiling water with hot stones and so on.”

l The hardback book is available from Thursday 25 February, priced £20.

The book is published by Fonthill Media and the ISBN number is 978-1-78155-508-8.