Author’s short stories inspired by life in Brid

Bridlington author Trevor Haymer has had a book of short stories published. (PA1245-21)
Bridlington author Trevor Haymer has had a book of short stories published. (PA1245-21)

A BRIDLINGTON author who has enjoyed a varied career has released his first book of short stories.

Trevor Haymer, 74, retired to Bridlington after a career which saw him own a sheet metal business before in later life creating numerous displays for the living museum Eden Camp and exhibitions for various other museums.

He has now released a new short story collection, Inside Trevor’s Shorts, which feature tales set in Bridlington and further afar.

“I just enjoy writing. I will go and sit at Jerome’s on the front, watch the boats and the bay, and see what pops into my head,” said Trevor.

“I get the germ of an idea and just go from there, I don’t have a topic in mind when I start writing.”

Trevor spent more than 10 years modelling dummies and creating displays at Eden Camp, including the Dambusters display, the Great Escape tunnel, walk through trenches for the Korean War display and various others.

He has also been responsible for creating a Downton Abbey-type display at Tatton Park near Manchester, a Tutankhamun model with internal organs to help schoolchildren in Leeds understand the mummification process, as well as looking after a Green Howards museum in Richmond.

But he is now settled down to a life of writing, after having a poetry collection, Diamond Lil’ and Other Gems, published around 10 years ago.

“All the stories in this book are a bit different. There is a story that was inspired when I saw a bird, when they used to have them, at Sewerby Park.

“It can come from anywhere and it is enjoyable.”

Trevor lived in Bridlington for many years after moving to the town from Halifax, where he was a sheet metal worker.

There he had built up his own business employing 26 men, before moving to the coast.

After a short hiatus, he returned to Bridlington around three months ago with his wife. He has four grown up daughters, and eight grandchildren.

Inside Trevor’s Shorts is available from and will be available for Kindle e-readers from Amazon.