Author recalls Bridlington boyhood in book

Colin Cruddas, author of A View From The Wings.
Colin Cruddas, author of A View From The Wings.

AN AUTHOR has recalled a childhood interest in aviation fuelled by growing up during the wartime years in Bridlington.

A View from the Wings, is the fourteenth book by Bridlington born author, Colin Cruddas, 80, who now lives in Shaftesbury, Dorset, and tells the story of his passion for aviation, which began growing up in Bridlington.

Born in February, 1933, Mr Cruddas was influenced by aircraft flying constantly overhead during the Second World War which has led to his interest in writing books about aviation.

A View from the Wings recalls his childhood and his lifetime’s career in the aviation industry, which took him across the globe to America and South Africa.

Mr Cruddas said: “I am extremely fond of Bridlington and I still have relatives close by.”

Despite a period of ill health which prevented Mr Cruddas from writing, his book, which is expected to be published on October 15, took him two years to finish.

A View from the Wings tells the story of the rise and fall of Britain’s aircraft industry in the post-war period, which includes the sound-barrier breaking years in which Concorde beat American engineers in producing a practical supersonic airliner.

Mr Cruddas’ career began at the Fairey Aviation Company in 1951, where he was a student apprentice then design draughtsman.

Following his RAF National Service as an N.C.O draughtsman, he worked for the Blackburn Aircraft Company on the Buccaneer flight test programme and then onto the US for Boeing and McDonnell Douglas as a design engineer.

He returned to the UK as deputy head of Concorde Powerplant Technical Group, and is now a consultant historian/archivist at Cobham PLC.