Author interview: Andy Brown

Andy Brown at E Rodreguez Junior High School in the Phillipines.
Andy Brown at E Rodreguez Junior High School in the Phillipines.

In the latest of our regular interviews with Lodge Books authors, Andy Brown shares his writing ambitions and love of literature.

Andy was born in Cottingham and he lives between Bridlington and Quezon City in the Philippines. He has a wife, Ching, who is a school teacher and they have a son Louigie who is a nurse, and a daughter Lorraine who is a geologist.

As you can see from Andy’s second book he is interested in the history of the Filipino people and how they live.

When Andy is at home in Quezon City he makes sure that he visits places of interest. This gives him many ideas for when he is writing his books and he spends a lot of time talking to the older members of Ching’s teaching staff at E Rodreguez Junior High School.

How long have you been writing books?

I have been writing for six years.

What genre(s) do you write?

Fiction from around 1850 to present day.

What was the first book you had published?

‘Lost and Found’, which is set in East Yorkshire.

What was your favourite book as a child and do you still have a copy of it?

‘Fair Stood the Wind for France’, and I don’t have a copy. All my class had to read it as part of our English lesson.

Where do you normally write?

In my kitchen as the room is light and there is a nice view of the garden and the trees, and in Quezon City, Manila, at my wife’s house, as that was the inspiration for my second book ‘Sugar to Rice’.

Who is your current favourite author?

Clive Cussler. He inspired me to write. I was on holiday in Wales in 2000 and it was the first time I had read a book since I left school.

If you could take just one book to a desert island, what would it be?

‘Lost and Found’. It was my first book and it is my best achievement in life.

If you were not a writer how would you like to share your ideas with others?

I would encourage people to write and I am always happy to give advice.

If you were doing a book signing, who would you most like to come to you with a copy of your book and ask you to sign it with a personal message?

Prince William.

What are your writing ambitions?

I would like my books to be seen and read by as many people as possible around the world, and for one of my books to be made into a film – I would love to see what I have written be put into pictures.

What is the biggest compliment you have been paid as a writer?

My mother and father and my wife being proud of me. Their support to carry on writing is so important.

Kindle or paperback, which do you prefer?

Paperback. I love the feel of a book, it feels real; you can show it to other people and see it on a book shelf.

Imagine you have lost your memory and someone gives you one of your own books to read. Would you know you had written it?

I have no idea, but maybe ‘Lost and Found’ would jog my memory.

What are you writing at the moment?

I’m writing book number seven which is called ‘Yorkshire Gold’, and I’m about half way through.