‘Audi get away with this?’ ask other drivers

Outside the Spa on April 24
Outside the Spa on April 24

A ticking off, rather than a parking ticket, looks like being the punishment for the chairman of East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s chauffeur.

The black Audi car which transports the chairman to official functions has been spotted illegally parked in Bridlington twice in the last three weeks.

At East Riding Leisure last week

At East Riding Leisure last week

On April 24, the night the Spa launched its summer programme, the chairman’s car was pictured unattended on the pavement near the door to the box office.

Oliver Stones who sent the photos to the Free Press and has posted them on social media, said: “Not only is this dangerous and irresponsible in my opinion but it is also a ‘no loading at anytime area’. Anyone caught by an East Riding of Yorkshire traffic warden would receive the maximum fine that our council can give £70, suggesting the council also think this is an irresponsible place to park.”

Last Tuesday afternoon, the same car was left on the pavement at the town’s new leisure centre, which Oliver again felt was dangerous.

He said blind people would not have been expected a vehicle to be left there and wheelchair and pushchairs would have been forced to go into the road to get past.

Oliver added: “There were plenty of bays available, the bays are small and the driver was maybe worried his car might get damaged but having a nice car wouldn’t be a good enough excuse for anyone else.

“I believe the chairman of the council should set an example and park within parking bays as the council expect us to do.

A spokesman for East Riding of Yorkshire Council said: “The council employs an outside contractor to provide chauffeur duties for the chairman.

“The contractor is aware of the need to park the civic car in accordance with highway regulations and he has been reminded of these responsibilities but this matter will be addressed.”