Appeal to the people of Bridlington by a family from New Zealand

Appeal from New Zealand
Appeal from New Zealand

An appeal has been made from the other side of the world, to find information about a woman who was born in Bridlington almost a century ago.

Brett Sargisson, from Christchurch in New Zealand, is trying to find out more about the life of Vera Watson, who lived in Bridlington in the 1920s and 30s.

She eventually moved to New Zealand and had a son Noel, who is Brett's father-in-law.

The message says: "People of Bridlington, we need your help.

"I'm reaching out from new Zealand trying to help my father-in-law find some closure before his time is up.

"I'm reaching out trying to find any information on a Vera Augusta Watson, who was born in Bridlington in either 1924 or 1926 and lived at 75 Fortyfoot, Bridlington.

"We know Vera went to Bridlington Girls School around the 1930s and then moved to New Zealand some time later.

"When Vera came to New Zealand she was either stationed in Wellington or Auckland but we aren't 100% sure which city and was a dental assistant in the military in either the Air Force or Army.

"Vera fell pregnant to a male unknown and gave birth to my father-in-law Noel John Watson on April 18, 1954. We are unsure whether Noel was given Vera's last name Watson at birth as shortly after the birth, Noel was adopted out and given the surname of Burgham.

"We know through records, Vera passed away in Wellington, New Zealand in 1956 and from what we can find we think Noel may have been Vera's only child.

"We are reaching out in the hope that some of the older people of Bridlington that possibly attended Bridlington Girls School in the 30s or even a relative reads this post.

"My father in law has always had a piece missing in his heart - the unknown, if you would like. The not knowing of who his mum and dad were and if there is one thing us as a family want is for Noel it is to simply be able to hold a picture of his mother and look at it for the first time and to be able to find some similarities in himself.

"Please Bridlington share near and far as I'm determined to help find my father-in-law a picture before his time's up.

"If that means we have to fly to Bridlington we will do wha ever it takes to get Noel some closure.

"From Christchurch, New Zealand, thank you Bridlington. Regards Brett and Noel."

Anyone who can help can email