Appeal for sandbags as flood water hits Burton Fleming near Bridlington

RESIDENTS of Burton Fleming are appealing for sand bags to help stem the flow of flood water which has been rising in the village over Christmas.

Those living in the village, near Bridlington, have been bailing out water from their homes after weeks of persistent rainfall.

The Gypsey Race burst its banks at the end of last week, and the level of water has been creeping up ever since.

Around 1,000 sandbags have been deployed in the village, but the community has also rallied around with farmers delivering bails of hay to try and stop water seeping into gardens.

If anyone can help by donating sandbags, or anything to stem the tide, they are asked to leave items close to the village post office.

The water is one to two feet deep in places and most routes into the village are closed, with more showers predicted for tonight and tomorrow. Most routes into the village are closed.

Zoe Clarke, of Front Street, Burton Fleming, said that while sandbags had been delivered to the area when it initially flooded, more are still needed.

“We’ve had fantastic help from local farmers who have been delivering bails of hay to people’s homes, and we had someone put out three large builders bags of sand which people used to fill up smaller ones,” said Mrs Clarke.

“We’re doing what we can and there has been a real community effort, and now we are desperate for any more help we can possibly get, especially with the forecast for more rain.”

The Environment Agency has issued a flood alert for the Gypsey Race between Wold Newton to Bridlington. Meanwhile, the Gypsey Race through Bridlington has swelled significantly due to the rainfall.

As it passes under St John’s Avenue, the water is around an inch from the bank and the water level is similar as it passes Springfield Avenue and Palace car park.

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