Appeal after vandals cause power cut

Vandals left 235 Burton Fleming homes without power
Vandals left 235 Burton Fleming homes without power

Northern Powergrid is appealing to the local community after overhead power lines were deliberately damaged causing a power cut to 235 homes.

Children are believed to have tampered with the overhead power lines leaving 235 customers without power in Burton Fleming on March 20.

The company, which distributes power to 3.9 million homes and businesses across the North East, Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire area, is asking the local community to be its “eye and ears” by spotting and reporting any vandalism to prevent further power disruption to its customers.

Nigel Walker, Vulnerable Assets Manager at Northern Powergrid, said: “Just after 6pm on Sunday evening 235 customers had a power cut as a result of deliberate damage to our overhead power lines by children. Our engineers were able to restore power to 138 customers within a couple of minutes, however 97 of our homes were left without power for more than two hours while our emergency response teams carried out a repair.

“Reports indicate sticks were thrown at the 11,000 volt power lines causing damage; this type of interference with our network is extremely dangerous and could even prove fatal. With the lighter nights and the Easter holidays upon us, we’re appealing to the local community to act as our eyes and ears and alert us of any dangerous or suspicious activities near our electricity substations and power lines.

“We’re also asking parents and guardians to spend some time reminding those in their care of the very real dangers of interfering or playing near electrical equipment.”