Anna’s ‘amazing’ experience at the Invictus Games

Some of Anna's photos from Toronto
Some of Anna's photos from Toronto

Behind the scenes, a Bridlington woman was playing a crucial role at one of this year’s biggest international sporting events.

Anna Roseby was part of a support team helping the families of the Team UK athletes at the Invictus Games.

The games, set up by Prince Harry are a type of Olympics for injured, ill and wounded servicemen and women and veterans.

The third games were held in Toronto in Canada, and Anna’s job was looking after the 260 friends and family who were there to support the 90 British competitors.

She said: “I was out there with all the families and families, supporting the people behind the athletes.

“There were five of us from the Royal British Legion whose job it was to make sure everybody was OK. That meant looking after everybody from six-month-old babies to grandparents.

“We were ferrying people around, getting them from the airport to the hotels, on the buses to the right events and making sure they had tickets for the competitions.”

Anna’s day job is entertainment coordinator at Alerson House, the legion’s Poppy Break centre in Bridlington.

She said the Canada trip was one she will always remember.

“What an incredible experience, it was amazing.

“It was a once-in-a-lifetime thing. It was a privilege.

“I cried more times than I can remember. To watch what they can do and what they have been through, when you have learnt about their back stories, it was right that they were treated like celebrities.

“The Canadian people couldn’t wait to talk to us about England and they wanted to know about Yorkshire.

“They made us feel very welcome and it was a pleasure to meet them

Her volunteer role could also help Alderson House with a spot of fund-raising.

“We all got the team kit and I will be raffling some of it off at our Christmas fayre on December 2,” she said.

The hours were long, with work starting at 7am and not finishing until after 10pm most days, and the temperatures were sweltering but Anna said she loved every minute.

“It was an incredible experience. Prince Harry was at pretty much everything and I was steps away from him at times but we left him to get on with meeting the families.

“You could tell he was moved by it all and the families are so affected by what he does for them.”