Anger over Bridlington hotel comments

Cllr Mally Boatman made 'derogative' comments on hotels in Bridlington
Cllr Mally Boatman made 'derogative' comments on hotels in Bridlington

A councillor should not have been allowed to make “derogative” comments about Bridlington hotels, it was claimed.

Cllr Mally Boatman was at the centre of a media storm after he made comments about Bridlington’s hotels, that were revealed by the Free Press.

Reporters Stewart Paterson and Kieran Murray  tempt with an extra sausage

Reporters Stewart Paterson and Kieran Murray tempt with an extra sausage

The former mayor of Goole said he would rather drive 45 miles home than stay at a Bridlington hotel.

His remarks – made during a planning committee – sparked outrage among Bridlington’s hoteliers and the Tourism Association.

His “damaging” words even prompted the mayor of Bridlington to demand a public apology.

Speaking on BBC Radio Humberside, mayor Cllr Liam Dealtry said: “It’s like me saying Goole’s the armpit of the East Riding.

“I wouldn’t say that, but you don’t go on public record and say it.

“The man has been derogative about the town – the biggest town in the East Riding, with the biggest population – we rely on tourism.

“I would say to him, come back, you will get an extra sausage, go in the hotels and B&Bs now – they are all a fantastic standard.”

But Cllr Boatman stood by his comments, saying he would prefer to stay in a Premier Inn.

“I have stayed over on a couple of occasions at recommendations by people who live in Bridlington, and I was not particularly happy with what I got. I have made that choice now that I would rather travel home than stay.”

Bob Hillery, chairman of Bridlington Tourism Association, also appeared on the radio show last Friday.

He told the Free Press: “We have at least three [quality] hotels in Bridlington that are better than Premier Inn.

“One of our guest houses in Bridlington won best in the county and came fifth in the world.”

And Cllr Boatman’s fellow Goole member, Cllr Josie Head, argued his comments should not have been allowed in the first place.

“There are rules regarding planning and when you are supporting, or objecting, for that matter, to a planning application, you have got to give specific legal reasons for doing whatever you are doing and saying whatever you are saying.

“You shouldn’t be supporting one application at the expense of other businesses. Bridlington relies on tourism. Those people must be absolutely incensed and I do hope the people of Bridlington do not feel inclined to start slating Goole.”