An historic success

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HISTORIC vehicle owners decided to make a trip to Bridlington and East Yorkshire for an annual event.

Members of different car clubs from the Midlands and Yorkshire came together for a special Drive It Day run and were joined by Bridlington MP Greg Knight.

He is chairman of the Parliamentary Historic Vehicles Group and led a parade of cars in a 40 mile run across the area in his 1966 Jensen C-V8 Mark 111.

The cars varied from an early Lagonda to a more recent 1972 Wolseley 1300, owned by John Langham of Brandesburton, the Chairman of the Midlands and Yorkshire Classic Car Club.

Mr Langham said: “At present, provided a vehicle is road-legal, it may be used whenever the owner chooses, however old it is and ‘Drive it Day’ recognises our motoring heritage and the right of vehicle owners to enjoy their cars.’

The run ended with Sunday lunch at Broadacres Hotel in Kingsgate, Bridlington and according to officials the event was such a success it has been decided to make it an annual East Yorkshire event.