An alternative school day

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HEADLANDS students took time out of their usual studies to try their hands at planning a national marketing campaign and measuring microclimates among many other activities during their third Alternative Curriculum Day.

The school hosts four Alternative Curriculum Days throughout the academic year which aim to develop student’s skills through particular themes.

On this occasion there were a variety of activities, tasks, competitions and visitors for students to enjoy.

The year seven students explored the theme of ‘The Local Area’.

This involved them visiting South Landing at Flamborough to conduct a coastal survey as well as exploring the impact of traffic on the local area and learning about the history of the town through a visit to the graveyard at Priory Church. Activities also took place in school which focused on gathering data to measure the microclimate of the school site, as well a exploring crime issues in the local area.

The year eight students spent their afternoon with representatives from the Army, the Fire Service and the Police Helicopter service.

Groups of the students were given a demonstration on the school field by the mounted Police Service on the tactics and strategies they use during their work, while some of the year group visited the Lifeboat on the Southside to learn about the work of the RNLI.

To ensure a full insight into life in the forces was provided; students were put through a 45 minute circuit training program held in the school sports centre.

Year nine students were treated to a day of problem-solving activities and teamwork, culminating in an afternoon of competitions between winning teams from the morning sessions.

The year ten students were split into groups and given the chance to work on either BTEC Science or GCSE Statistics – an opportunity that was well received by staff and students alike. The remainder of the year group took part in a Maths challenge set within a true to life theme.

They were set several challenges relating to renting and furnishing a flat and their tasks included budgeting and finance as well as calculating the amount of wallpaper required to paper a wall.

Once this was completed, students then dressed in overalls to physically wallpaper a mock wall, complete with obstacles such as light switches and door handles.

Year 11 students looked towards their GCSE exams this summer and spent their time revising and completing coursework, while sixth formers worked on their entries to a national competition run by Northern Rail.

The students had to design a marketing campaign for the company to include audio and visual components.

They worked in teams competing against each other using the latest technology, including industry standard publishing packages and a green screen for film-making, to construct their media campaign.

Once complete these will be submitted to Northern Rail to compete with entries from across the country.