Amy defies odds to celebrate her 30th

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A woman with Down’s syndrome has defied doctors after celebrating her 30th birthday in style.

When Amy Purvis was born weighing just five pounds, medical experts did not give her much chance of being able to walk, talk or even eat after also being born with small airways.

Despite not expecting Amy to reach her teens, she celebrated her milestone birthday on Saturday with a surprise party organised by her proud mum, Judy.

She said: “All she’s ever wanted for her 30th birthday was to be driven in a nice car. She thought she was going for a picnic on the Sunday but I arranged the party on Saturday and she loved it.”

James Berriman picked Amy up from her Richmond Street home in his Bentley and took her the scenic route to Emmanuel Church hall where a host of family and friends were awaiting her arrvial.

Amy said: “It is the best party ever. I will never forget this as long as I live.”

A disco was provided inside by entertainer Ryan Swain and the event was enjoyable for everyone.

It was an emotional day for mum Judy who was determined to make her daughter’s 30th birthday special.

She said: “Seeing her face when she saw the car was priceless. It is so brilliant to see her happy and being the star she is on her birthday.

“I was told by doctors she wouldn’t be able to speak independently and not be able to eat. If I ever find that doctor, I’d like to give him her food bill!

“She never complains about anything and deserved a great birthday. I can’t thank the people of Bridlington enough for their generosity in helping with the party and making Amy’s day the best. A special mention needs to be made to James Berriman and Ryan Swain for making Amy’s day extra special.”

Amy shone to fame in the town when she appeared in the Free Press ahead of her Britain’s Got Talent audition in Bridlington last year.

Amy danced to Elvis Presley’s Follow That Dream, eight years after attending auditions in Glasgow where she did a dance to Rednex’s Cotton Eye Joe and declared she’d like to marry star judge Simon Cowell.