Allotment thefts are 'cruel' and 'selfish'

Thefts at Flamborough Allotments are a frequent problem.
Thefts at Flamborough Allotments are a frequent problem.

Yet again, on 3-4 August, several sheds on the allotments at Flamborough were broken into and machines and other items stolen. This happens with monotonous regularity at about this time of year.

My husband, who is 89, had his excellent little Mantis tiller taken.

It is the second cultivator/rotovator which has been stolen from him from the allotments. He once had a large powerful one but the thieves just unbolted the motor and took that, rendering it useless. So he and a like-minded gardener clubbed together to buy a second-hand one between them, which the mate kindly took home after using it as he had a trailer capable of carrying it. Then on my husband’s 80th birthday, I bought him a smaller machine, the Mantis, for smaller, finer jobs, which he loved and found slightly more portable and could bring home for safe keeping. However, this week, he was planting quite a lot so was using it for a few days and kept it in his shed, well covered up, he hoped. But no - two hefty locks on the door were just torn off, meaning they also have to be repaired and replaced.

This is so disappointing, disheartening and cruel. How can these selfish, greedy people ruin others’ simple pleasure, who just enjoy growing vegetables and being out in the fresh air, exercising and interacting with other people also enjoying the same nice pastime?

The machine was such a help with the digging, saving stiffening joints and an aching back.

A while ago, my husband had carefully planted up some 75 strawberry plants from runners, and left them in trays for planting the next day. When he returned, the whole lot had gone! After all that hard work. Who is doing this? It seems unlikely to be people from far away.

Mrs Dormer