Action to improve street

Concerned residents have kick-started a campaign group to improve living conditions on their street.

Bridlington Central Action Group (BCAG) argue persistent problems of antisocial behaviour, litter and dog fouling are blighting Marshall Avenue causing trouble for residents.

BCAG consists of four committee members who live in the avenue and rally other residents together for regular meetings to discuss how to tackle the problems.

Joanne Miles, 37, chairperson of BCAG, said: “We want to achieve a better area to live in.

“We want to have a nice respectful, pleasant street to live on.

“We are on a main busy road so we have got a lot of people coming into the town and down the street so it is not very inviting for the tourists.

“We also want to set up a youth club because there are lots of children who live in these streets who have nowhere to go which causes anti-social behaviour.”

She said a protest group had originally been set up against a homeless shelter which is to be established by East Riding of Yorkshire Council on Marshall Avenue, and it was through that group BCAG began.

The group is in the process of securing funding from East Riding Voluntary Action Service (ERVAS) and hopes to expand out to include other streets, including Travis Street and Holyrood Avenue.

Gerry Arran, 60, is secretary for the group and explained road signage along Marshall Avenue confuses motorists, who are unsure of regulations.

“There has been a general lack of impetus and things are slowly decaying,” said Mr Arran.

“There is this feeling that things are not as they should be.”

He said there has been a noticeable decline in tourists choosing to stay in Marshall Avenue, which has several guest houses and hotels.

Two members of BCAG are involved in Marshall Avenue guest houses, however the group are keen to remain unbiased in working to improve life for all residents in the avenue.

PCSO Beverley Feirn has been involved in working with the group, which is a member of Brid Watch.

Zoe Barnes and Tony Townsend are also committee members.

The next meeting is on Wednesday 21 August, 7pm in the Glencoe Hotel, Marshall Avenue.