'Accident could have been prevented'

Tulissa Scurrah
Tulissa Scurrah

A mum has slammed the council after her seven-year-old daughter was hit by a car on a road previously patrolled by a lollipop man - until he was sacked.

Little Tulissa Scurrah was walking the five minutes to school with two ten-year-old friends for the very first time but became confused when she reached the road and realised there was no lollipop man.

The seven-year-old suffered cuts to her chin and forehead, a chipped tooth and a number of bruises.

The seven-year-old suffered cuts to her chin and forehead, a chipped tooth and a number of bruises.

Unsure of what to do, Tulissa looked one way but not the other and was hit by a car - suffering deep cuts to her chin and forehead, a chipped tooth and a number of bruises.

Tulissa's mum, Hannah Scurrah, 25, has now hit out at East Riding Council for not providing a lollipop man since the kids returned to Burlington Junior School on Marton Road.

She said: "Tulissa freely admits it was her fault and that she didn't look both ways, even though I've drilled it into her time and time again.

"Normally, we come out at a zebra crossing and there's a lollipop man there. The school appointed a caretaker to take on the role after the original lollipop man was sacked.

Colin Thompson

Colin Thompson

"But there hasn't been anyone there since the beginning of September and when Tulissa got to the road she didn't know what to do with herself.

"She looked to the left and saw a car slowing down and didn't look to the right and was clipped by the car.

"This was the first time she'd ever walked on her own while I was going to work but she won't be walking to school on her own again."

Fortunately, Tulissa didn't suffer any broken bones but mum-of-four Hannah is frustrated with the lack of focus on safety close to the school.

The scene of the accident

The scene of the accident

She said: "I have three kids younger than Tulissa so even when I was walking them all to school, it was nice to have the lollipop man because he's there as an extra help, getting the girls across the road.

"It's quite a busy road with lots of cars and lots of parents all trying to get their kids to school safely.

"It's important to have him there with so many children around."

Hannah, a Haven accommodation cleaner added: "I was absolutely desperate when I got the call to say Tulissa had been hit.

"When I got there my partner and my sister where already with her and she was taken to hospital.

"She was in a neck brace for the first few hours because she said her neck hurt but that has now subsided.

"I didn't speak to the driver but I know he stopped and I think he was quite shaken. It was just horrendous."

It comes after lollipop man Colin Thompson, 71, was sacked for making an allegedly inappropriate comment to a female pupil.

Now, other parents are demanding either Colin is returned to his post, or replaced.

Furious mum Lisa Jackson, 30, says East Riding of Yorkshire Council needs to appoint a new crossing patrol immediately.

“It would not have happened if Colin was still there - it’s ridiculous.

“Everyone says parents need to teach their kids to cross the roads, but kids are kids. They are not adults.

“If a lollipop man had been there no-one would have got run over.

“My little boy is three years old and was going to cross the road and almost stepped out into the road. It’s dangerous.”

A council spokesman said: “The council has a number of vacancies for school crossing patrols across the East Riding.

“We are currently going through a recruitment process so we can provide patrols at those vacant sites and to take on standby patrols to provide temporary cover when needed.”