‘Absolutely fuming’

Flat 5 Stepney Court, Stepney Grove'Carla Walker pictured with Daughter Ruby 2 who as a Bead stuck up her nose.'PA1119-1a
Flat 5 Stepney Court, Stepney Grove'Carla Walker pictured with Daughter Ruby 2 who as a Bead stuck up her nose.'PA1119-1a

“ABSOLUTELY fuming” is how a woman feels after her granddaughter was turned away from both Bridlington and Scarborough hospitals – then had to wait overnight at Hull just to have a bead removed from her nose.

Two-year-old Ruby got the small plastic bead lodged up her nostril on Sunday evening and was taken to Bridlington Hospital’s Minor Injuries Unit by her mother Karla Walker, 23, of Stepney Court.

Karla was told she would have to go to Scarborough Hospital for treatment because Ruby might need an anaesthetic.

But before leaving for Scarborough, single mother Karla, who does not have a car, contacted the hospital only to be told that they could not treat Ruby either – and that she would have to take her child to Hull.

Karla had to borrow money off her mother, Carol, for the train fare to Hull on Monday – and ended up spending the night at Hull Royal Infirmary before the bead was finally removed from Ruby’s nose at around noon on Tuesday.

At 5pm on Tuesday Karla had still not managed to get home to Bridlington, leaving grandmother Carol “furious” about the situation.

“It is bang out of order and I am absolutely fuming about it,” she said.

“They are just taking the mickey and the thing that annoys me most is the fact that we have got a perfectly good hospital right here, so why does Karla have to pay all that money and go through all the hassle and expense of getting to Hull just to get a bead out of a child’s nose?

“When I was little I got a daisy bud stuck up my nose and it was just a quick trip to Brid Hospital for it all to be done and dusted. I am so furious that Karla has had to go through all this, it is bang out of order, – continued on Page 3

passing the buck from one hospital to another and sending her all the way to Hull.

“Brid might as well be in the middle of the ocean!”

The bead was successfully removed from Ruby’s nose and mother Karla said: “It was a real worry, having it stuck up there all that time, but when I phoned Scarborough they said there would be no point in going up because the chances were they wouldn’t be able to do anything for her.

“I am angry about it all.”

A spokesperson for Scarborough and North East Yorkshire Healthcare NHS Trust – which runs both Bridlington and Scarborough Hospitals – said: “We have a process for investigating patients’ concerns, and if the family have questions about the care they have received we would urge them to contact us so that we can look into this issue for them.”