A woman’s moving story of trauma and recovery

Author Amanda Pilz.
Author Amanda Pilz.

A former Bridlington woman has written a book about her life in the East Riding area.

Amanda Pilz has penned an autobiography covering her traumatic childhood and the long-term effects of a family breakdown.

Coming Home to Dad is on sale now.

Coming Home to Dad is on sale now.

She also offers hope and encouragement to people affected by divorce, fatherlessness and mental health issues.

The book, called Coming Home to Dad, is basically a case study of Amanda and her brother who were severely impacted by a family breakdown.

It presents a child’s perspective on divorce, tracing the trajectory of Amanda’s and her brother’s lives following the break-up and how Amanda turned her life around to find ‘wholeness’.

Separated from her mum at the age of six and forced to live with a harsh stepmother, she relied on herself and depended on no-one. Although living under the same roof, her father was distant.

Eventually, Amanda was sent back to live with her mum. She became increasingly estranged from her dad until in her 18th year he disowned her.

Driven by questions about the meaning and value of her life, and coming to terms with her brother’s schizophrenia, she began asking searching questions about identity that led her on a life-changing journey.

Amanda’s story also raises issues of justice surrounding family breakdown and mental health.

Amanda said: “I hope this book will give insight into the impact which the fracturing of families can have on all concerned. The effects on children are often downplayed as they might not be immediately obvious, but are none the less real and begin to be played out in children’s lives into adulthood and can last a lifetime.

“As a result of my experiences I am committed to doing all I can to ensure my sons are raised in a safe, happy environment. I hope Coming Home to Dad will comfort the fatherless and give them hope.”

Coming home to Dad (ISBN: 978-1-909728-55-4) by Amanda Pilz is published by Instant Apostle and available now.