‘A tragic case’

Jim Gresham
Jim Gresham
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A MAN was found with a large quantity of illegal highly-addictive drugs scattered around his Bridlington house.

Police executing a search warrant of Jim Gresham’s property at Pinfold Street, Bridlington, found ecstasy, cannabis and cocaine in his kitchen and living room.

Gresham, 24, now of Octon, told police they were for his own use to relieve pain following a farm accident when he fell off a trailer at the age of 15 and received a brain injury.

Police confiscated the drugs, but prosecuted him for three charges of possession of both class A and Class B drugs.

A consultant clinical neuropsychologist, who has been treating him, gave a report for his defence.

The crown dropped charges which suggested he had the drugs to supply to friends who visited his home.

Gresham pleaded guilty to possession of 298 grams of cocaine, 8.7 grams of ecstasy and 6.5 grams of cannabis.

Defence barrister David Gordon said Gresham suffered a catastrophic head injury when he was 15. Now 24, he took drugs to relieve pain.

“The word tragic is often over used, but this is a tragic case,” said Mr Gordon. “It is a serious case where the sentence could be suspended.”

Judge James Sampson told Gresham: “I can take an exceptional course. Had these been drugs for dealing, then you would be facing a prison sentence of somewhere in-between four and six years.

“Whatever the reasons, simple possession of drugs is illegal. If you are caught again you will go to prison. The sentence will be nine months and anything else you have done will be put on top. You can count yourself lucky.”

He ordered Gresham should be given a nine-month suspended prison sentence.