A dangerous nightmare?

Foot Bridge over well lane bypass'PA1151-8a
Foot Bridge over well lane bypass'PA1151-8a

BRIDLINGTON Town Council fears a “dangerous nightmare” if proposed Well Lane traffic changes come to fruition.

It has major worries that an access road to a planned new housing estate could see the footbridge over busy Well Lane removed and traffic lights introduced.

In a letter to John Skidmore, Head of Street Scene services at East Riding of Yorkshire Council, Bridlington mayor Coun Cyril Marsburg said the town council was concerned about a planned access road to a proposed 500-house estate off Easton Road – at the outside centre of a right-angled bend at Well Lane.

At December’s meeting of Bridlington Town Council, councillors discussed the proposals which could see the removal of the Well Lane footbridge – to be replaced by a pelican crossing – as well as the placing of traffic lights at the newly-created junction.

Coun Linda Chambers said she was very worried about the prospect of losing the footbridge, which she said is well used by children from New Pasture Lane Primary School.

In the letter to Mr Skidmore, Coun Marsburg said: “Together, the removal of a footbridge to be replaced with a pelican crossing, and the prospect of traffic lights at the junction of the A165 with Easton Road, will cause a dangerous nightmare for traffic and pedestrians alike.”

Coun Michael Charlesworth, deputy mayor of Bridlington Town Council, said: “Well Lane is a main arterial road in the town and already gets very busy, especially in the summer months. If a pelican crossing is put in, then lights for the Well Lane access to the estate and lights at the Easton Road junction, it

is going to get worse.

“The town council believes that it would be better to make an entrance to the estate on Easton Road.

“We had a number of residents who currently live close to the planned development site attend quite a lively council meeting in the summer, saying it would be madness to put the access road on Well Lane.”

The 500-house masterplan was adopted by East Riding of Yorkshire Council in September but a council spokesperson stressed “that there is as yet no planning application in and there may not be for some time as there are various landowning issues”.

He added: “Various options regarding access arrangements to the site from the busy Well Lane have been put forward, one of which would be to replace the footbridge, but it is just an option at this stage.”