A complicated case

Sybil Applequist- missing
Sybil Applequist- missing

IN May 2003, Sybil’s older brother Anthony Hornby travelled from London to talk to police and gave an exclusive interview to the Free Press saying he did not believe Sybil was alive.

He also said he believed he was possibly the last person to speak to her when they had a phone conversation in March 2002.

Anthony, now 53, left Bridlington for London in 1985. He is now divorced with a twin boy and girl and working in London in NHS in Administration.

Like Sybil, he went to both Hilderthorpe and Headlands Schools.

Since the search for his sister he has periodically been back to Yorkshire, staying with friends.

He and Sybil were very close and he has always been surprised she did not contact him if she had any problems. Speaking to the Free Press last week he said: “I still believe that Sybil was murdered.

“I would like to believe she will one day be found, hopefully safe and well, but realistically I believe she was murdered and the perpertrator may one day be found through further evidence.

“I also hope that maybe one day, someone may recall something that will lead to her discovery and a conviction.”

He described how his life was turned upside down by the trauma of his sister’s disappearance.

“The loss of Sybil affected me emotionally and physically, resulting in radical changes in my life that took a lot of time to come to terms with.

“I am still convinced if any remains were found, it would be in the local vicinity.

“I would not like anyone else to have to live with as great a loss as this is without knowing the circumstances.

“I have gained a lot of support from meeting people in similar situations at ‘Missing People’ , National Victim’s Association’ and ‘Victim’s Voice’ organisations.

“I do not believe time heals. I feel that people have to move on with their own lives, but the memory of Sybil always remains with me.

“I do not believe that anything like the truth was revealed at any point after Sybil’s disappearance.

“I would appeal to anyone who has any further knowledge about Sybil’s disappearance to come forward.”