74 years of happy marriage

WEDDING vows made decades ago have stood the test of time for one Bridlington couple and they celebrated in style this week.

Tommy and Marie Hatton, aged 96 and 98, of Bempton Oval, have been married for an incredible 74 years.

Their achievement was honoured by power suppliers E-on, who hosted a party after they won a competition to find the UK's longest marriages.

The couple wed on December 22, 1934, after first meeting at Armley Baths Dance Hall in Leeds. They courted for about eight months until Tommy proposed.

Marie said: "It has been a happy marriage. I wouldn't have stuck with him for so long if it wasn't! He can be hard work now but I put up with him. People leave marriages too quickly these days."

She added the secret to their long lives was good genes, not having a car and playing a lot of bowls.

Tommy joked that the secret of their marriage was to 'have a row every now again'. He added: "I don't know what I'd do without her. She looks after me. I've not done badly with her."

The couple still manage to live happily together in a bungalow close to their son, Tony, and daughter, Maureen.

Relatives who had travelled up from Leeds for the party at The Expanse Hotel said that the couple 'did everything together' and they couldn't imagine one without the other.

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