£40million waterworks

Money to be invested in new pumping stations on the south side'PA1218-11b'Site of the propsed new pumping station
Money to be invested in new pumping stations on the south side'PA1218-11b'Site of the propsed new pumping station

YORKSHIRE Water is to invest £40 million in Bridlington to improve the quality of the resort’s beaches.

A new pumping station, a new sewer and improvements to the existing sewerage system will, the company said, improve the water quality at Bridlington’s two bathing beaches.

The work will bring the north and south beaches in line with new European directives which will see UK beaches subject to much stricter water quality tests.

The project, which could see building works start in October, will see up to £18 million spent on a new pumping station built on the Princess Mary Promenade, just south of the Spa, and a large new sewer.

The sewer, which will be laid 10 metres underground and run for 800 metres from Springfield Avenue to the new pumping station, will carry storm water which currently spills into the Gypsey Race.

The new pumping station, as well as a new sea – continued on Page 3

outfall which is likely to cost up to £16 million, will ensure that the storm water is transferred beyond the beaches, to around 2 kilometres out to sea.

Yorkshire Water will hold a public exhibition and ‘drop–in’ session on Tuesday, May 15 at Bridlington Spa, where residents can learn more about the planned improvements, and speak to staff involved in the project.

Duncan Warner, project manager, said: “We’re committed to doing all we can to improve our sewerage network and play our part in helping to further improve beaches and bathing waters along the Yorkshire coast, with the aim of the region boasting some of the best beaches in Europe.

“Our plans are still not finalised and we feel it’s important to hold these public sessions as we want to listen and engage with the local community and use their feedback to ensure that ultimately we can deliver these improvements to Bridlington in the best way for everyone.

“This work is a fundamental part of our joint work with other key organisations in the area. We will continue to work with others, including the Environment Agency, to address all of the potential impacts to Bridlington’s bathing beaches.”

Yorkshire Water is also planning £6 million worth of improvements to the current Headworks pumping station, off South Marine Drive, improving it’s external appearance and helping to increase water flow to the wastewater treatment works at Kingsgate.

The new pumping station will be built at an existing toilet block on the Princess Mary Promenade, which will be replaced next door when works are completed.

The proposed improvement work is part of a bigger £110million investment the company is making to improve its sewerage network and facilities along the Yorkshire coast between 2010 and 2015.

In November 2010, Yorkshire Water helped launch a multi-agency partnership, involving East Riding of Yorkshire Council, Scarborough Borough Council, the Environment Agency and Welcome To Yorkshire, which aims to transform the region’s beaches and bathing waters into some of the best in Europe.

l The drop-in session will take place at Bridlington Spa on Tuesday, May 15, between 3pm and 7pm.

Anyone who cannot attend can find out more by visiting www.yorkshirewater.com/bridlington.