25 pets perish in Flamborough fire

House Fire on North Landing Road in Flamborough. --'NBFP PA1450-11b
House Fire on North Landing Road in Flamborough. --'NBFP PA1450-11b

A house fire in Flamborough left a total of 25 animals dead including 12 puppies, nine adult dogs, three cats and a hamster it has been revealed.

Only one Jack Russell Terrier puppy survived the blaze after a quick-thinking neighbour grabbed the dog when it attempted to go back inside the burning house.

Richard Tate, 49, of North Marine Road, said he first became aware of the fire when he noticed the front door of the property was melting. He said: “We opened the front door and a boy was there and he had already rang the fire brigade.

“We couldn’t see anything for the smoke, so we went round the back of the house.

“We opened the back door and we were panicking - there were flames flicking up the kitchen walls.

“This little dog came flying out and turned around to go back, so I went to grab it by the tail.

“I pulled it on to the ground before putting it in the coal shed to keep it safe.

“I ran around to get a hosepipe and we put out most of the flames - I had no idea how many dogs were in the house.

“They were in crates - there was a crate with three dogs in, so I dragged it outside.

“I thought if they got fresh air they would come around.

“I don’t want to be big-headed about, I only did a neighbourly thing.”

A spokesperson for the RSPCA said: “There is no on-going investigation from our side into what happened to these animals.

“This was a tragic accident and my thoughts are with the owner of the house and these animals who has lost everything including all but one of their dogs. It’s difficult to imagine the heartbreak they’re going through at the moment.

“The RSPCA removed all of the animals from the scene and has cremated them at the wishes of the owner who has expressed their gratitude.”

A spokesperson for Humberside Police said: “The RSPCA attended the scene and following their investigations are not thought to be bringing any charges against the owners of the animals.

“The fire occurred at approximately 11.30am on Wednesday 10 December 2014.

“No human lives were in danger however several dogs, cats and a hamster were in the premises at the time of the fire and all perished.

“The police are not treating the fire as suspicious.”

Fire investigation officers confirmed the fire was accidental caused by rubbish that had ignited after being placed too close to the electrical hob in the kitchen.