£25,000 damage to Sewerby wall

Vehical Entrance to Sewerby Hall'Wall Knocked down'PA1104-1
Vehical Entrance to Sewerby Hall'Wall Knocked down'PA1104-1

POTHOLES are not the only unwelcome legacy of last year’s severe winter weather as thousands of pounds worth of damage has been caused to the decades-old wall at Sewerby Hall.

The sandstone wall, to the left of the car park entrance, deteriorated so badly during the poor weather in December that it will now cost around £25,000 to repair.

Work to repair the wall will start on Monday and will take six to seven weeks to complete.

During this time the car park entrance will be closed to traffic, with cars being asked to use the exit gate to the car park for both entering and exiting the grounds.

Sewerby Hall and Gardens facility manager, Marie Gascoigne, said: “The mid-19th Century walls on the entrance to the car park have been monitored on a weekly basis and have shown signs of wear and tear but it seems the recent prolonged cold snap has had a detrimental effect on their stability.

“The walls are now part of our on-going winter maintenance programme, which includes work on the shelter in the formal gardens, various works in the Children’s Zoo and restoration of the large iron gates by the lodges on the main drive.”

Visitors on foot can still use the lodge entrance on the main drive adjacent to the paddocks, as well as the exit gate next to Leys House on Church Lane.