20 jobs could go at Bridlington’s Britax factory

Britax on Bessingby Industrial Estate.
Britax on Bessingby Industrial Estate.

BRIDLINGTON’S job market has suffered a major blow after it was announced that up to 20 posts could be lost in the town.

Britax PMG, on the Bessingby Industrial Estate, has said up to 20 posts at the manufacturing business could be made redundant because of “tough trading conditions”.

It currently employs more than 240 people, making it one of the largest private-sector employers in the town.

A spokesman for Britax PMG said despite a “very good performance” last year, the company has seen its market deteriorate in the past few months.

He said: “We very much regret the need for these redundancies but with no real visibility of an increase in market recovery at this stage, we do not believe there is a realistic alternative.

“We are committed to continuing to invest in our facilities, including Bridlington, and communication is taking place with the employees.”

Britax PMG was established in 1946 and is now part of the Public Safety Equipment group of companies.

It is a leading supplier of amber hazard warning beacons, as well as vehicle lighting and mirrors for all types of construction and off-road vehicles.

The spokesman continued: “As we have done previously when we have seen our business decline through market conditions, we are inviting volunteers for redundancy to rebalance our capacity and costs in line with current demand.”

Neil Watson, chairman of the Bridlington Chamber of Trade, said that the job losses are “not good news” but hopes that more investment in the town will provide some new jobs in the future.

“It is not helpful. The overall job picture in Bridlington, obviously in retail, is suffering at the minute, but hopefully once the AAP gets moving we will start to see something happening with new jobs in the town.

“My understanding is that money is starting to become available for investment in Bridlington because the AAP has been passed.”