£150 awards to give away

Charles the Bookmakers'Garry hands over a chq for 240.76 to John Edwards'PA1051-9
Charles the Bookmakers'Garry hands over a chq for 240.76 to John Edwards'PA1051-9

FATHER Christmas may be long gone, but now it is the Free Press’ turn to play Santa.

Nine local clubs, groups or charities will be getting a gift of £150.

During the newspaper’s 150th anniversary year, we set up a charity fund with the aim of giving donations to make a difference to organistaions in Bridlington and the surrounding villages.

Now, we have collected more than £1,350 – which means there is enough money in the bank to help nine groups.

We just need your suggestions of who should benefit.

The Free Press wants the money to stay locally, and is looking forward to hearing from readers about where the money should go.

Free Press Editor Nick Procter said: “We would like to help people across the community, young and old, groups and talented individuals.

“But we would also like to buy something specific for people, or at least part of it, rather than just adding to an account. It could be a piece of play equipment for a children’s group, kit for a junior sports team, the cost of hiring a bus to take a pensioners’ group on an outing, or a something to help musicians or artists.

“These are just ideas and we want to hear what we can do to put smiles on people’s faces during difficult times for everybody.”

Yorkshire Building Society kicked off the account with £300, and an evening with clairvoyants Audrey McCartney and Wendy Bonner brought in almost £500.

Early last year Ian Burdekin held a sponsored swim to add another three figure sum and take the total past £1,000.

The latest addition is £240.76 from Garry Charles, a local bookmaker who has several branches in the area.

For the past few months, he has been running the Beat The Bookie feature in the Free Press, where he has offered a free £20 bet each week to a member of the town’s sporting community.

Four contestants have picked a winner so far, by taking a punt on cricket, golf, football and horse racing results, and their earnings have been added to the charity fund.

If you know someone who deserves £150 from the Free Press, fill in the coupon attached and send it back to our office at 3 Prospect Street.

“Sadly, we won’t be able to help everyone who applies, but it would be nice to spread the money around and help as many people as we can,” said Mr Procter.

“And we would like to keep the account open and keep topping it up, so if you have any fund-raising plans and would like to support the fund, please get in touch. It would be great to make a round of donations every year.”