10 of the best photos of the Gansey Girl

With the news that Bridlington's iconic sculpture, the Gansey Girl is to have a plaque added to make her complete, we have picked some of our favourite photos taken of her during the past two years.

They were taken by Free Press photographer Paul Atkinson, and submitted by our readers.

The Gansey Girl was installed on the North Pier in 2015

The Gansey Girl was installed on the North Pier in 2015

A grant of almost £5,000 from Bridlington Town Council will allow artist Steve Carvill to carry out more work on his piece, which has become hugely popular with photographers and has even had poems and songs written about her.

Depicting a young woman knitting a Gansey, the traditional jumper passed down through generations of fishing families, she sits at the harbour mouth in order to bid farewell to fishermen leaving the harbour, as well as welcome them back home.

Mr Carvill said: “The plans to enhance the Gansey Girl include a bronze frame which will be installed around the base of the plinth.

“It will incorporate the remaining 55 small bronze fish bearing the names celebrating historical fishing families who worked out of Bridlington harbour and the long awaited plaque with her title, description and details.

“This will see the completion of the piece to what I hope will be the very high standard which our community deserve and also resilient enough to face the conditions of the site on the north pier.”