VIDEO: David Gest and Candi Staton promote new show in Bridlington

A grey, November afternoon in Bridlington is perhaps one of the least likely places you would expect to find a world-famous American soul legend and a notorious TV personality.

But on Monday ‘You Got the Love’ singer Candi Staton and ‘I’m a Celebrity...’ star David Gest enjoyed a (rainy) day by the seaside to promote a new tour which is coming to The Spa Bridlington in February next year.

Bridlington SPA'Candi Staton & David Gest.'NBFP PA1347-3c

Bridlington SPA'Candi Staton & David Gest.'NBFP PA1347-3c

The show, entitled David Gest’s Legends of Soul Live Concert!, features 10 soul legends performing hits from their back catalogue and is hosted by David, who will regale audiences with tales from his life.

The artists performing include lead singer from The Temptations Dennis Edwards, Rose Royce lead singer Gwen Dickey and Eddie Floyd.

And audience members who love to sing are encouraged to take part, as there will be the chance to sing with Candi on stage and potentially win a place performing on one of her new tracks.

While the visit to Bridlington was only a short trip for David, who lives in York and has visited the East Yorkshire coastline before, it was the first for time Candi, who is originally from Alabama.

Are you looking forward to playing in Bridlington?

Candi: I have never been to Bridlington, but I think it is gorgeous. I wish it wasn’t raining! I love the UK. You can’t find a better audience, I’m serious. They just get into it and sometimes I say if I forget lyrics I just read their lips.

David: I am very excited because I have never played Bridlington and it is a beautiful seaside town and it is close to where I live. To me it is God’s country. It is just an incredible place and I love this part of the world.

What can Bridlington audiences expect from the show?

David: It is all these great singers, an incredible show of over 30 top 10 hits many of them number ones, and I host it and tell stories about all of the artists as well as my life.

Candi: What a line up - and they are all real. This is a night of celebration, and with some of these artists we don’t know how much longer we are going to have the chance to see them. I know everyone, it is just like a big family reunion.

What do you enjoy about being on tour?

Candi: I like to see people’s faces, I hate the spot lights when I can’t see you I like to see in your face. It means I have touched somebody, it is amazing and that is what soul music is all about - touching one soul. I wish I could do the whole set!

David: It is being live in front of an audience. I come alive when I’m in front of an audience. The UK audience are the best audience in the world.

David, why are you hosting a tour dedicated to soul music?

David: I grew up with soul music, I have always loved it since I was a kid and it is the first thing I learned about from the time I was five. The artists are all friends, I just picked up the phone and put all it all together in a show in about two days.

Candi, tell us about your new album.

Candi: It’s called Life Happens and it’s out in March next year. It is about my life story set to music, the songs are something I have gone through. I go through the break ups and all the pain and suffering and we talk about the social songs.

What would you say to your fans in Bridlington?

David: I would say come and see me because I’m going to give you a show you will never forget!

Candi: I just want everybody to come out and we don’t want them sitting - you need to get up and dance and enjoy yourselves.

The show hits The Spa Bridlington on Wednesday 19 February and includes: The Temptations Review, featuring Dennis Edwards, Candi Staton, Percy Sledge, Sheila Ferguson, Jody Watley, Gwen Dickey, Cece Peniston, Eddie Floyd, Eddie Holman and Little Anthony.

To book tickets, which are priced from £26, contact The Spa Bridlington on (01262 678258) or visit

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