Simon plans his next travel adventures

Simon Boulton of Bridlington Lions
Simon Boulton of Bridlington Lions

After passing through almost 300 Tube stations in a single day in London earlier this year, Simon Boulton is already working on his next two adventures.

His love of travel has prompted the Bridlington Lions Club member to focus on two more travel exploits, one at home and a much more ambitious attempt overseas.

Having spent a whole day on the Underground in September, next up is a fortnight seeing the UK by bus.

Simon told the Free Press: “I am going to spend two weeks going round the coastline of Britain by service bus.

“I will go from Bridlington all the way to Penzance and then up the West coast and back along the north of Scotland.

“It’s do-able, I just need to check some of the bus routes around Penzance and in Scotland.”

Simon is hoping to travel between 50 and 100 miles per day, and is hoping to stay in B&Bs, guest houses or overnight at the homes of other Lions Club members around the country.

“I’m a great believer in public transport and I love looking at the coast,” he said. “The best time to try this is going to be peak summer.”

However, Simon already has an even bigger challenge lined up for 2019.

After his London Underground dash, he wants to try something similar on Tokyo’s metro system.

“That will be in about 18 or 24 months’ time. It’s taking a huge amount of planning.

“I am having to decipher a lot of information from Japanese and I might have to ask the Japanese Embassy for assistance.”

Whereas there was already a record for the most London stations visited in a 12-hour period, Simon said he has no idea of such a challenge has been attempted or recorded in Tokyo before.

Once again, Simon will be looking for sponsorship in both his efforts.

He said: “It will all be in aid of Bridlington Lions, for their ongoing work to help elderly and disadvantaged people in our town.”