The CLA encourages dog owners to be responsible while in the countryside ahead of the Easter break

Dog owners are urged to keep their dogs under control in the countryside, especially as more visitors are expected in the countryside during spring.

Monday, 22nd March 2021, 3:00 pm
CLA Director North Dorothy Fairburn.

This reminder is comes just before the Easter break which coincides with government’s plans to ease Covid movement restrictions on residents when a surge in visitors to the countryside is expected.

CLA Director North Dorothy Fairburn said: “We welcome visitors to share this beauty but ask that you respect the countryside as a place of work and a sanctuary for wildlife when enjoying a day out.”

“It is vital that dog owners understand their responsibilities. Dogs can attack livestock if they are not under control and it is devastating if sheep are wounded or killed. Dog fouling can cause disease to be spread so we urge everyone to clear up any mess caused by their pets.

“It is the time of year when lambing is at its peak, and both ewes and lambs are at risk.

“Ewes are vulnerable and prone to abort their lambs if they are stressed by dogs. Ground nesting birds are also settled on their eggs at this time of year and are easily dislodged by loose dogs.”

“The Countryside Code is generally adhered to by the majority of people, but there can be incidents of anti-social behaviour or a lack of awareness of the working countryside.

“All visitors should be conscious that the countryside is a place of work where the land, livestock, machinery, wildlife and environment must be respected.”

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