East Riding residents more outdoorsy than average before lockdown

Being cooped up during the coronavirus lockdown has given many of us a renewed appreciation of nature.

Sunday, 12th April 2020, 4:15 pm
East Riding residents were more outdoorsy than average before the lockdown.

And as cars vanish from the roads and planes are grounded, reports are emerging of wildlife springing back up as humans head inside.

Once the pandemic is over, wildlife and conservation charities say they want people across the country to engage with the natural world even more.

Government figures show that, before current restrictions began, the East Riding residents were more outdoorsy than average.

Data from Natural England shows that 66% of locals aged 16 or over spent time outdoors at least weekly.

The median rate – the middle value of a range of figures – for council areas across England was 58%.

Local figures are based on 10 years’ worth of surveys from the government body’s Monitor of Engagement with the Natural Environment report, the final of which was completed in 2018-19.

It includes visits to parks, canals and other urban open spaces as well as rural settings.

According to the results of the latest survey, 70% of adults across Yorkshire and The Humber headed outdoors at least once a week – putting it fifth out of the nation’s nine regions.

Paul Bunton, from the Woodland Trust, said: “We are pleased that the trend seems to show that people are spending more times in the outdoors, albeit in the current crisis they need to heed government advice and not travel to our woods at this time.”