More than 50 names missing from memorial

Dedicating the gardens ahead of remembrance events last year
Dedicating the gardens ahead of remembrance events last year

Investigations have shown that the names of more than 50 soldiers who died in World War One could be missing from Bridlington’s war memorial.

With commemorations underway across the country to mark the centenary of the end of war, Bridlington councillor Liam Dealtry, who served in the military, made an appeal to see if anybody was missing from the list.

However, he had not been expecting to find out that there are potentially dozens of omissions.

Historian and author Chris Bonnett, who has written a 364-page book about the town’s war heroes and has spent more than a decade researching the subject, has given Cllr Dealtry a list of the 51 missing names.

The former mayor said: “It will be a big commitment and expense but they need to be recognised on their home town’s memorial.

“We think it stems back to 1926, when the clerk of the council at the time wrote to everybody to ask if they would like their relatives to be included.

“But it seems that a lot of parents had moved away from Bridlington, or had died in the years since the end of the war.

“These boys have been acknowledged in a book but this town has to make the commitment to recognise them properly.”

So far, nobody who died in conflicts other than World War One has been identified.

Anybody who thinks one of their ancestors should be added to the memorial is asked to contact Cllr Dealtry, via the town council office in Quay Road, before the end of June.