More on Mr Nicholls


MEMORIES of the Landau owner and his horse were revived in last week’s Free Press by local writer Anne Mullender, who wondered what became of him and his horse Henry.

We are happy to say Steve Nicholls – not Ed as we thought – is alive and well and still in Blackpool.

His wife Anne, got in touch after friends and family contacted her about last week’s article.

She also gets the Free Press every week in Blackpool where they moved 10 years ago.

She said Steve has now retired from driving the laundaus.

They have been married for 52-years and lived in various places around Bridlington including New Burlington Road, Mill Lane and Tennyson Ave where they had stables behind the house.

She said Steve has been driving landaus for about 48-years and was also well-known in Brid as he used to deliver coal with one of his brothers.

George Laverack of Queensgate, now 88, and a former at W Clifford Watts Haulage in Scarborough Road, used to live in Palanza Villa on New Burlington Road, close to where the Nicholls family lived in West Street.

“They were well known in Bridlington as coal merchants and used to have quite a few horses which they used for deliveries.

“It was when motorisation came along they changed to the Landau for rides.

Janet Brunton of Quay Road also got in touch to correct the name.

She knew the family and said they used to run the coal business and landau rides at the same time for a while, coal in the morning and landaus in the afternoon, but with different horses.

She also named the young girl in the photograph as Leana, a friend of the family who had gone with Steve since being a child when he was taking rides.

Beatrice Brown called to say Steve and his brother Colin used to run the landaus and did so in Blackpool. “He used to bring his horses to us so they could rest out in the winter and brought two over for last winter.

“As far as I knew they were still doing the laundaus in Blackpool,” she said.