Life’s a beach for Baywatch Harry

Former Headlands pupil Harry is now a lifeguard in Australia
Former Headlands pupil Harry is now a lifeguard in Australia

A FORMER Headlands pupil has left behind the bracing Yorkshire Coast and qualified to become a lifeguard in Australia.

Harry Hazeal, 15, left the town last June with his family and moved to Western Australia, and recently passed tests to allow him to patrol the beach in his new home city of Perth.

Harry’s grandparents, Judy and John Wilcock, recently returned to Bridlington after visiting Australia, and said that he and his younger brother Alex, 12, also a former Headlands pupil, are enjoying life down under.

“They were both into sports and the outdoors when they lived in Bridlington, so they are having a wonderful time over in Australia,” said Judy, of Priory Crescent, who along with John ran a newsagent on the corner of Quay Road and Springfield Avenue until around 8 years ago.

“Harry has worked really hard to pass his tests to become a lifeguard, it takes four months of work six days a week, so we are very pleased for him. Alex has also started the course as well so he hopes to join his brother on the beach.” The boys moved to Australia with their mum Sara and dad Adam, who transferred from the British navy to the Australian Navy before the move in June last year.

Former Bridlington swimming club, rugby club and hockey club member Harry will now patrol Perth’s beaches and is qualified to help stranded or struggling swimmers and administer first aid as well as a host of other responsibilities.

“There’s no more playing on the computer or watching TV for the boys now, and that’s the way they like it. They love the outdoors and the Australian way of life is really suiting them,” continued Judy.

“Of course they miss their friends and family in Bridlington, and of course we miss them terribly as well.”