Hockney slams party leaders

David Hockney
David Hockney

DAVID Hockney has criticised ‘arrogant’ politicians claiming they have encouraged negativity and a dreary way of life.

The world famous artist, who lives in Bridlington, branded party leaders including David Cameron “low grade” and “low intellect”, criticising ministers for treating the population like children.

Hockney, who is a smoker, hit out at the Coalition Government’s proposals to remove branding from cigarette packets saying it was “a draconian measure of which Stalin’s censorship police would have been proud.”

Writing in the Mail on Sunday, the artist said: “I am sick of the constant negativity in Britain, the utter meanness of spirit (possibly not good for the health) that seems to have taken over everywhere.

“There are now a lot of very angry people in this country, and I am one of them. Very, very fed up with arrogant politicians who treat us like children.

“I thought I lived in a ‘free’ country but see now I have little say in how it is run, or even what debates there are.”

Hockney, 74, is not averse to speaking his mind, having previously voiced his opinions on fellow artists who don’t make their own work and expressing concern at the number of wind turbines being built near Bridlington.

The success of David Hockney’s ‘A Bigger Picture’ exhibition at London’s Royal Academy and the recent unveiling of the Hockney trail have seen interest peak in the artist and East Yorkshire in recent months.