Hockney on show

Davik Hockney at Ferens Gallery launch
Davik Hockney at Ferens Gallery launch

ARTIST David Hockney will make one of his rare public appearances to mark the preview of an exhibition of his Bigger Trees Near Warter exhibition.

Ferens Art Gallery in Hull was chosen to show his ground-breaking work of 50 separate canvases joined together.

And at last Friday’s preview The Friends of the Ferens Art Gallery were delighted to welcome David Hockneyhimself.

He lives and works from Bridlington and among those showing him around was Friends chairman Brian Hill.

The Gallery has arranged his work so that instead of being a flat rectangle, it has a straight back and two side “arms”.

“When you stand in front of it, the painting seems to enclose and include you, which is the effect David Hockney wanted,” said Mr Hill.

The exhibition was opened by Mr Andrew Wilson, Curator, Modern & Contemporary British Art, Tate Britain.