Hilderthorpe School in 1958

Hilderthorpe School 1985
Hilderthorpe School 1985

LAST week’s Memory Lane picture of staff at Hilderthorpe School in 1953 prompted a response from a number of readers who had fond memories of the school.

Among them was “Charlie” Robinson, of West Crayke, who called in to tell us that the lady in the blue cardigan on the front row was her aunt, Gwen Hair.

Gwen, who lived in St Chad Grove, Bridlington, where her son Robert still lives, worked as a catering supervisor at the school for 25 years was often invited to take part in special occasions.

“Charlie” moved to Bridlington over eight years ago to take care of her aunt who died in September 2007.

“It was lovely, and such a surprise to see her in the Free Press,” said Charlie.

Beryl Neal (nee Newlove) of St Chad Grove, who was one of the first pupils at the school, said the picture brought back happy memories.

She recalled most of the teachers including Mr Scott, Mr Howell, Mr Hunt’s wife and Mrs Crosby, also that the school secretary was called Mrs Kettlewell.

Beryl also sent us the photograph, above, taken in 1958 with teacher Mr Scott.

Beryl is third from the right on the front row. On the back row from left, is: ?, Anthony Farrow, John Murray, ?, John Oxley, Gordon Pashley, Ronnie Waterworth, Lenny Dixon, Bruce Hoggard, Philip Gasgoin.

Middle: ?, Margaret Carter, John Sperry, Janet Houchen, Susan Grant, Colin Cappleman, Palmela Dawson, ?, Susan Havercroft.

Front Row: Diana Jackson, Janet Driver, Judith Allam, Susan Kidd, Denise Witham, Mr Scott, June Crossley, Hilary Robson, Beryl Newlove, Christine Ives, Wendy Thorley.