Heats continue for Yorkshire Coast Talent

Revelstoke Hotel'East Yorkshire's Got Talent'PA1128-28c'Keely
Revelstoke Hotel'East Yorkshire's Got Talent'PA1128-28c'Keely

THE LATEST heat of Yorkshire Coast’s Got Talent followed the high standard set by last week’s heat winners as another 19 acts took to the stage.

Organiser Keely Barugh opened the show and introduced this week’s three judges - Jo Clarke from Bridlington Spa, dancer and choreographer Sian Epton, and long standing licensee Jane Scott.

The evening kicked off with girl band ‘Tresbelle’ comprised of two 15-year-olds and an 18-year-old who impressed the judges with a wonderful three part harmony arrangement of ‘Begging’ by The Saturdays.

The Collette Tyler Dancers were also an act to watch as they performed another fantastic dance called the ‘Corpse Bride’.

Other acts that stood out in the first half of the show was 14-year-old Sophie Marie, who sang a incredible vocal arrangement of ‘Because Of You’ by Kelly Clarkson.

Adrian Bishop, 13, was another young man who impressed with ‘Billy’, by James Blunt, and although a little nervous it was obvious to the judges that this young artist has massive potential and boasts a unique sound to his voice.

Lily-Beth Greef provided three minutes of skillfull baton twirling. Considering that Lily is restricted by the low ceiling, it didn’t deter her from producing a stunning performance.

72-year-old Richard Theabould, and Terrence Heath, 80, are two of the more mature competitors in the competition this year, and both were greatly received by judges and audience. Richard entertained with a brilliant performance of ‘Oh Boy’ by Buddy Holly while Tony sang a more relaxed version of ‘If You Never Sing Another Song’ by Matt Monroe.

Kirsty Barber, 16, was definitely one of the highlights of the night with the most beautiful vocal of ‘On My Own’ From Les Miserable. This young lady has real talent and all our judges said the performance was excellent with Jo Clarke calling it ‘the performance of the night’.

Courtney Smalley, 15, gave a wonderful performance of Lady Ga Ga’s ‘The Edge Of Glory’.

Other artists that impresed included guitarist/vocalists Hannah Sylvester, 15, Luke Sharples, 17, and Lewis Jackson, 16.

Jessica Pearson, 17, maintained a high standard and delivered ‘The Best Thing I Ever Had’ by Beyonce, while Jessica Pollard, 16, who sang classical piece ‘Pie Jesu’.

Hayley Cragg, 23, Aimee Neesom, 17, Tracey Jane Longworth, 41, and Lucy Mason, 17, also joined the line up with 13-year-old Amber Warren who provided a lovely vocal of ‘Empire State Of Mind’ by Alicia Keyes.

The Katie Walker Cancer Trust were delighted to collect £335 on the night for the charity, and Julie Walker took to the stage in the second half to present the raffle prize which was a beautiful hamper of goodies.

This Friday, Group A will compete in their second heat of Yorkshire Coast’s Got Talent, sponsored by Lloyd Dowson accountants and the Revelstoke Hotel, from 8pm. £1 is collected on the door which goes to the Katie Walker Cancer Trust.