Gaming shop’s winning formula

Nathan Long
Nathan Long

Less than two years after turning his dream into a reality, a shop owner is moving to bigger premises to cope with the demand.

Nathan Long took his love of gaming and made it a business, opening Mighty Lancer Games in Springfield Avenue.

He already ran a website but branched out to open premises selling a range of miniatures, board games, family games, dice and hobby supplies.

But its rapid success has led Nathan and his wife Emma to move into a former restaurant in the heart of Bridlington town centre.

Nathan said: “It has always been my dream to own my own gaming hobby store and provide other gamers with top class hobby products easily accessible and at a reasonable price.

“We’ve grown beyond that initial dream and that also means we have outgrown our shop.

“Springfield Avenue was a fantastic starter and provided us with the opportunity to establish Mighty Lancer Games and meet our fantastic customers but when the opportunity arose to move to a much bigger shop we had to take it.”

He is also organising a festival at Driffield Showground later this month, alongside the move to Prince Street.

The new shop has a much larger floor space and will allow Nathan to expand his range of products as well as running more gaming tables and demonstrations for enthusiasts.

He added: “It is a big step, but the new shop will provide much needed extra room and enable us to provide more gaming space and larger events such as Friday Night Magic, Bolt Action and Warhammer.

“I hope that the Bridlington community will get behind us and our new step along this path and will all agree that it’s great to see a local business doing well.”