Flamborough ‘climmers’ film to go on display

The climmers collected birds eggs from the cliffs.
The climmers collected birds eggs from the cliffs.

FASCINATING early film footage of Flamborough’s ‘climmers’, along with many other images of the Yorkshire coast, can be seen at an exhibition in Scarborough next month.

‘It’s a Coast Thing’ is a selection of films from the collections of the Yorkshire Film Archive, and will tell the story of film in Yorkshire from its earliest days – prominently featuring Flamborough’s ‘climmers’ or egg collectors.

The Flamborough film will begin with shots of the cliffs as fishermen drag boats up the beach and lay out their catch, before heading back out to sea to continue fishing.

Next, the climmers, who collect birds eggs from Bempton cliffs, are shown.

The film shows four men in an egg gathering gang, one of whom is suspended by a rope and climbs down Bempton Cliffs to collect the eggs, signalling by a handline and using his feet to keep himself from the cliff face.

The shows will be at Scarborough Art Gallery on Sunday, September 9, at 3pm and 5.30pm, and are part of the Heritage Open Days weekend.

The Yorkshire Film Archive is a registered charity which finds, preserves and provides public access to moving image made in or about the Yorkshire region.

Its growing collections, currently contain over 16,000 titles, ranging from films made by the early film pioneers of the late 1890s, to recent footage of changing landscapes and life in the region.

Tickets for both film showings are free although limited so advance booking is recommended. Contact the Scarborough Art Gallery on 01723 374753 from 10am to 5pm, Tuesday to Sunday.