Exceeding all expectations

hector fraser
hector fraser

Driffield Rotary Club are toasting the success of the art exhibition held in tribute to artist Hector Fraser.

The show exceeded it’s fundraising target to significantly boost the resources available to agricultural students from the Judy and Hector Fraser Agricultural Trust.

The Rotarians had hoped that the show would raise £4,000 to add to the existing funds. Leading Rotarian Graham Hadfield said: “The generosity of local people has been amazing. Over the 10 days of the show we have had a constant stream of viewers. Almost £4,300 has been raised for the trust. Our team of Driffield Rotarians provided back-up throughout the event and we are deeply grateful to them all for their hard work and dedication.”

Gallery owners Richard and Claire Burton added, “Having so many local works on display brought a whole new and colourful show to our gallery. Locals and visitors have enjoyed the display.”

Shana Butterworth, Hector’s daughter, said: “Dad would have been so proud with this staggering result. The whole show has been a real live tribute and celebration of his life in art. The support it will give to future generations of students will be a lasting legacy to both Mum and Dad.”

Symon Fraser said: “The idea of the exhibition came from a discussion with Dad about what we would do with all of his paintings when he died. He was adamant that he wanted all the money raised from the sale to support the trust so that young people can be helped to succeed in farming. There are just a few remaining pictures which Richard Burton has agreed to display. The exhibition has been fantastically supported and the result has exceeded our hopes.” Remaining pictures will be on show from Wednesdays to Sundays at the Art Centre, Buckton.