Disney World holiday prize for family who don't even have passports

Michael and Sonia Walker with Peter Slack from Harris Shields Collection
Michael and Sonia Walker with Peter Slack from Harris Shields Collection

After putting their home on the market, a Bridlington family are heading to the home of fun – Disney World.

The Walkers have won a competition by estate agents Harris Shields Collection, where the top prize was a trip of a lifetime to Florida.

Michael and Sonia are now planning to take their children Amber, 22, Hollie 20, and nine-year-old Charlie across the Atlantic next summer.

Sonia said: “We have not been on holiday for 11 years and we never win anything, not even a tombola.

“None of us even have passports.”

“We have had a hell of a year and were just waiting for it to end and this is the only good thing that has happened.”

Boards have been appearing outside homes for sale around town throughout the year with a sign saying ‘we’re in the Disney draw’.

And even though they have not managed to sell their home on Fortyfoot yet, the family had more luck in the competition.

Vicki Slack, branch manager at Harris Shields on Promeande, said: “People who listed their property with us were put in the draw.

“We wanted to keep it so they had a really good chance of winning so it was capped at 50 entrants.

“We had the special boards made and made the draw on November 1 and I had the pleasure of telling the Walkers they had won.

“I don’t think they believed us.”

Sonia admitted it had taken a while to sink in that they were heading to America.

She said: “I was at home on my own when I got the call to say we had won.

“I was in shock.

“My husband didn’t believe me when he got home and I had to make him check the phone.

“Charlie was screaming when I told him and he is very excited about going. We’ve never been before.”

Vicki said she thought the competition was the first of its kind.

She said:“Nobody has done anything like this before and we were absolutely thrilled to run it, and even decorated our office.

“We’ve seen competitions to win a hamper or a DVD player but this was really something quite special.”

However, it was not the incentive of a trip to Florida, which prompted the family to put their home on the market with Harris Shields, ahead of other estate agents in Bridlington.

Sonia said: “The staff were really nice and friendly when we went in and Fiona has sold us our current house when she was working for another estate agent in 2000.”