East Yorkshire ranked second worst county for motorcycle theft

East Yorkshire has England’s second highest number of motorcycle thefts per resident, according to recent figures.

Wednesday, 4th September 2019, 1:12 pm
Photo: BikerRated.com

Motorcycle website BikerRated.com has ranked England’s counties for motorcycle thefts reported over the past 12 months.

Data shows that 3.8% of motorcycles and scooters reported stolen from 47 counties in England over the past 12 months were in East Yorkshire.

Over 27,000 motorcycles and scooters were stolen in the UK in 2018. The counties of Bristol, East Yorkshire and Herefordshire have the highest number of motorcycle thefts.

The three worst regions, Greater London, the South East and the North West account for 58% of all stolen motorcycles in England.

Data also reveals that 94.6% of the UK's stolen motorcycles were reported in England with just 5.4% in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

The three counties with the least recorded motorcycle thefts are Devon, Gloucestershire and Rutland, which together recorded just 0.2% of the UK’s stolen motorcycles.

There were 27,000 motorcycles, mopeds or scooters stolen in the UK in 2018. That's one in seven of the vehicles stolen in the UK and yet motorcycles make up just 2% of all registered vehicles on UK roads.

Figures taken from a 12-month period (July 2018 to July 2019) has been compiled from stolen motorcycles reported on bikersunited.co.uk, the UK’s stolen motorcycle database.