Brid Central Girls Choir

Memory Lane, Central Girls Choir
Memory Lane, Central Girls Choir

WERE you a member of Bridlington Central Girls Choir?

This picture came to Memory Lane from Karen Newby of Beverley, who was a choir member.

In fact she is pictured second from the left on the front row.

She remembers they used to practice in the old Chapel Street Methodist Church – where the Peacocks and New Look stores at the entrance to Promenades are now, during the 1970s and 80s.

Also that the late Kenneth Lambert was the organiser.

Karen also recalls going on a couple of holidays to Cromer with them during the years she was a member.

She can also remember the names of a couple of girls in the picture. They are:

Top Row from left, Linda, Jackie Wright, Middle row from left 5th one in Linda but can’t remember her surname.

Third from left bottom row, Angela, Shauna Langton, Donna.

She said: “I am interested in finding old pictures of the Central Girls Choir from 70s early 80s and wondered if any were available.”

If anyone can help Karen in her search she can be contacted by email: