Airmen based at Lissett in WW2

Square Bashing at the SPA'Edwin Vickers
Square Bashing at the SPA'Edwin Vickers

Mike Vickers, 61, of Georgian Mews in Bridlington, brought in these interesting wartime pictures of 158 Squadron, based at Lissett, in which his late father Edwin Vickers served during the Second World War.

Edwin flew 35 sorties from Lissett on a number of different planes including the four-engined Halifax Bomber, a contemporary of the Avro Lancaster Bomber.

Mike said: “It was during my time at Lissett that my father met my mother, Barbara, while she was out dancing at the Grand Pavilion with her sister, Mavis.

“Sadly my father passed away in March 2000, but he would have been both proud and very moved had he seen the poignant memorial to 158 Squadron and the propellers turning once again at Lissett.”

Mike said his father served mostly as a tail gunner on the aircraft LV920, more affectionately known as ‘Git Up Dem Stairs’, or sometimes on the LV940 known as ‘Just Jake’.

RAF Lissett first opened in February 1943 and was home to 158 Squadron for the rest of the war.

Today a number of wind turbines occupy one end of the airfield and a memorial sculpture on the site commemorates the airmen who did not return from operations.

Although Mike has picked out his father from the pictures, the identities of the other men are unknown, so if you can help put a name to their faces then please get in touch with us.