Sister Carol Jagger retires from Bridlington Hospital after 49 years in the NHS.

Carol Jagger
Carol Jagger

After almost half a century of helping patients, Sister Carol Jagger has retired from the NHS.

She was the last remaining member of staff from the day Bridlington Hospital opened in 1988, but had already clocked up several years working in Beverley and Driffield by then.

Friends and colleague say farewell to Carol

Friends and colleague say farewell to Carol

Colleagues on Johnson Ward held a get-together last Thursday to say farewell to Carol. She said: “I have always worked with a great team of people - from nurses to physiotherapists, porters and catering staff.

“The people have always been great but Bridlington Hospital has always had a nice atmosphere.”

She said technological advances had been the biggest change in the NHS since she started - and recalled how she got started in nursing.

Carol said:“Nobody in the family was a nurse and I remember them asking about that when I went for an interview in Leeds.

“Girls either went into teaching or nursing if you wanted a career.

“I qualified and went to work at Hull Royal Infirmary on nights in the neurology ward. I got married and moved to Beverley Westwood Hospital and got a job as a night sister.

“I spent 34 years on nights in total and eventually I had enough of not sleeping. That’s when I came to be manager of Johnson Ward.

“It has always been very busy, with a quick turnaround of elderly patients as we try to get them up and running and back home again.

“I’m very proud of reaching 49 years. The demands have got greater in that time, and now is the right time to go.

“I thought I would be quicker and go at 49 years, rather than waiting for 50.”

She is looking forward to holidays with husband Michael in her retirement and spending more time with her granddaughter.